Teknicon Foundry Technology | Consulting
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We perform full fabrication projects out of 2D drawings or 3D models and on request verify any existing project for checking its adequacy for producing clean and sound castings. Process auditing and process upgrading, metallurgical investigations in connection to defects and failures, workforce training are likely as well.

Fabrication projects and riggings verification


Full conception of the gating & risering systems for single castings (very small to heavy) or clusters plus technical and operative recommendations of execution. Systems are previously verified using the softwares from Finite Solutions Inc.

Process auditing


This step is necessary in case of improving or optimizing any process or part of it. This reveals the weaknesses or lacks in the different foundry operations. at any rate any improvement should start with those remedies at zero cost which normally regard the working methods.

Defect and failure analysis


Casting defects going over regularly or occasionally or casting failures due to breakages leads to economic and foundry image losses not anymore tolerable. We carry out investigations using traditional tools and where necessary special techniques like electronic microscopy.



Programs and relative documentation are available for training in all the foundry operations or steps: melting and metal processing (gray and nodular iron), sand and core preparation, rigging, casting defect analysis, etc.